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Ordinations Siro-Malabaresi

     On Saturday, May 11th in St Peter's Basilica in Rome, the melodies typical of the Siro-Malabarese liturgy have resounded. The reason for this event was the celebration by the Siro-Malabarese community in Rome of the 25 years of presence in the city. The Siro-Malabarese Catholic Church is in fact an Eastern major Archbishops Church which mainly counts faithful in India in the state of Kerala. In the occasion of the festivities the whole community gathered in the Basilica of St Peter and there, during the celebration of Holy Mass, some seminarians of the Siro-Malabarese Church have also been ordained, who are forming in Rome. Among them also two of our companions, FrijoTharayil and Anoop Mathew were ordained respectively to the order of the diaconate and the sub diaconate. S.E. Mar Stephen Chirappanath, apostolic visitor to the Catholic Church Siro-Malabarese in Europe and titular Bishop of Slebte, presided over the celebration. After the celebration we returned to the College where we dined together with friends, benefactors and acquaintances among whom we thank especially S.E.R. Mons. Edward Novak, emeritus secretary of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, who, after participating in the celebration in St Peter's Basilica, reached us in the College. Dinner is followed by a party in honor of the ordained. We thank the Lord for this grace and we entrust our companions.

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