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Discovering Pompeii

In the heart of magnificent Pompeii, thousand-year history that still echoes among the ancient ruins, we had the opportunity to explore this fascinating archaeological site just after the first semester exam session on 10 February 2024. Accompanied by our Rector, Don Javier Canosa, and other formators, we embarked on a long and highly informative visit, listening to the detailed explanations of Professor Javier Domingo, a doctor and master in Classical Archaeology, who currently teaches at the University of the Holy Cross.

We started our day with Holy Mass, celebrated by our Rector in the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Holy Rosary, one of the major centers of Marian devotion in Italy, where people go to pray, to ask for graces, to fulfill a vow, to entrust themselves to Our Lady.

After Mass, we began our visit. The ancient stones spoke to us, transporting us back in time through the streets animated by the footsteps of our predecessors. The Roman Forum stood imposingly before our eyes, while the baths still resounded with the sounds of ancient daily life. The houses of the inhabitants, with their perfectly preserved frescoes, made us feel part of that lost world.

During the visit, which we conducted under heavy rain, we couldn't help but confront the fragility of human existence. Silent moments of observation sometimes turned into silent prayers, while shared conversations were enriched with profound and enlightening meanings.

At the end of the day spent in Pompeii, I imagine everyone felt a deep gratitude growing within them for the opportunity to live that unique experience. The fusion of history and faith left an indelible impression on our souls and led us to reflect on the beauty of the encounter between past and present through the lens of spirituality. The journey to Pompeii was a true gift for us.


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