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An Invitation to St. Thomas Aquinas

The study of St. Thomas Aquinas is a journey into the profound depths of reason and faith, where intellect and spirituality converge. In delving into his works, we discover not only the brilliance of a medieval theologian but a timeless guide illuminating the path towards a harmonious synthesis of philosophy and theology, reason and revelation. To help us grasp fully the importance of studying this great saint and scholar, on the 15 of November, we had a colloquium with Prof. Marcus Boeira, an ardent fan of the Doctor Angelicus. The Brazilian professor who did his doctorate at the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, is a lecturer and researcher at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and a visiting scholar at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

His visit to our college came during a stage at Rome in continuation of his work in the field of Deontic Logic, and also in research and translation of manuscripts. The professor gave us a brief exposition on the work and thought of the Angelic Doctor, a true invitation to St Thomas, trying to show us the importance of knowing the treasure left by the Dominican saint. He spoke about the main sources of Thomas' thought, among them St. Augustine and St. Albert, who was also his teacher in Paris. He also listed the literary genres of Thomas' works. At the end of his presentation, some questions were asked by the seminarians, to which Prof. Marcus responded joyfully.


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