The Four Rectors

Thursday, 20 September was a historic day for our College. It was a day of reminiscence that took us through the historical beginnings of Sedes Sapientiae and then to its glorious present. It was a historic day for us because we had among us all the four Priests who served as Rectors of the College. In chronological order: Fr Pedro Huidobro, Fr Juan Carlos Domínguez, Fr Julio Diéguez and Fr Javier Canosa, the current rector.

     The presence of the three former Rectors was a historic day which directed us into the future. The three former Rectors alternated and  commented on different aspects of the Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis "The Gift of the Priestly Vocation".

     Don Pedro who is now occupied with priestly formation in Spain, presented the Chapter III of the Ratio – which has ‘the foundations of formation’ as its title –. His presentation was enriched with practical examples of his long experience at Sedes, a place he had knew from its beginning and as a rector, served there for over fifteen years. In order to make formation more effective, he particularly insisted on the need to create an atmosphere of trust between Formators and Seminarians. Don Juan Carlos, who currently works with university students in Spain, also discussed the various stages of formation. Don Julio, the current rector of the Roman College of the Holy Cross, concluded the encounter with a simultaneous overview of the Ratio and how to appropriate the profound value of integral formation on the journey to the priestly ministry, and most importantly as a Christian who aspires for holiness, and consequently eternal life.

     After a festive lunch, we gathered as a community in the Great Hall of the College for a memorable encounter. Photos were displayed to give a vivid picture of how the College has developed in its twenty-seven years of existence, while our four Rectors also took us through the salient and entertaining moments of Sedes Sapientiae; from its beginning to its present location, the first ordinations, sport achievements, and the historic snowfalls…

     We thank the Lord for the gift of vocation. And we thank Mary, our patroness Seat of Wisdom, whose protection and intercession helps us on our journey as seminarians, and continues to make our history as a College more beautiful.

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