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With our "Captain"

Yesterday, Wednesday 29 May, the captains of the teams participating in the 2019 Clericus Cup were fortunate enough to be able to greet the Holy Father Francis at the end of the general hearing in St. Peter's Square. Two of them – the captains of the two finalists: Sedes Sapientiae (yes, we made it to arrive in the final for the first time in our history, after so many third and fourth places!) and College Urban – they donated to Francesco their race shirts, each giving in a sign of Christian brotherhood that of the opponent: ours carried the number 13, to mean that we are at the thirteenth edition of this beautiful football campsite. Then the Pope blessed the cup that will be won by one of the two teams in the final Saturday 1 June at 11:00 am (which will be broadcast live on Radio Vatican Italy).

The captain of the Sedes football team, Tito Hernández (Diocese of Ciudad Victoria, Mexico), he greeted the Holy Father, bringing him the affection and prayer of all, which Pope Francis reciprocated with great sympathy. Finally, he signed a shirt of ours and other colleges.

A very nice gesture during this brief meeting was when one of the 16 captains has paraded his band to put it on the arm of the Pope: Holiness, He is our captain and all the teams in the world. .. I hope you enjoy this gift.

It was a great grace to be able to manifest the love of the trainers and seminarians of the Sedes to the Roman Pontiff, as well as our desire to be always united with our prayer to His person and intentions. The brief dialogue between Titus and Pope Francis encourages us more and more, in this sense. Indeed, how much Tito said to him: I am from the College Sedes Sapientiae. We pray for you. The Pope replied: I know that in the Sedes Sapientiae you always pray for me. Thank you very much! Please continue to pray a lot for me!


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