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With joy and gratitude

The students of Sedes Sapientiae are sustained in their studies thanks to the constant support of men and women from different countries who sacrifice generously to help the Church through the formation of the seminarians.

On Saturday 22 October, with much joy and gratitude, we had the opportunity to receive a group from CARF, a foundation that brings together Spanish benefactors. There were many interactions and exchanges of courtesies between the seminarians and the benefactors. The seminarians were happy to see those for whom they pray every day and who contribute to their formation. The day began with Holy Mass celebrated in Latin with the readings in Spanish.

Later, we shared some time on the terrace of the school, had a group photo and then had lunch to honour this great day. The culmination was a get-together in which some seminarians told the story of their vocation. Finally, a large group of seminarians from different countries of Africa performed a song to thank God and the benefactors.


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