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We are in the Semifinals!

The clericus cup which began on the 28th of February has reached its semi-final stage. The matches for the quarter final took place on the 14th of April. Gracefully, our college qualified after beating “Amici di Chape” in a difficult but peaceful match. The match ended 3-1 to our advantage. Therefore, the result guaranteed us a place in the semi-final to be held on the 12th of May. The winning goals came from Deogratias (Tanzania), Fabrizio (Argentina) and an own goal from the defeated opponent team.

We thank our trainer, don José, and our brother seminarians for their support, especially our super and unique fans from whence rain down our strength, endurance and creativity.

This will be our first qualification into the semi-final after a quite long time. We pray and hope that the semi-final match will see us to the final and that we may cling the day in the final match if the semi-final permits.


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