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Visiting Antient Ostia

Just outside Rome, near what was once the mouth of the Tiber River, are the archaeological excavations of the Roman city of Ostia Antica. These excavations are a splendid jewel of archaeology, bearing witness to the glorious past of the Roman Empire but also to the spread of Christianity in the early centuries. For these reasons it was not possible for the students of the Christian Archaeology course at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross to miss a visit. And so all the second-year theology students who reside in our College, together with many of their classmates, went to Ostia on Sunday 12 April. There, guided by the course lecturer, we were able to see all the basic features of a Roman city, the forum, the reticulated structure of the city, a theatre, some villas and insulae as well as the traces that the early Christians left in the city including an example of a basilica.


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