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Violin and cello

'Duo for violin and cello', was the title of the musical composition written by Fr Avelito John Burgos, which was performed last 19 April in the setting of the 9th Concertando festival, organised by the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music. Fr Avelito is a priest from the Archdiocese of Cebu in the Philippines, born in 1986. He received his formation at Sedes Sapientiae College and completed his theological studies at the University of the Holy Cross, being ordained a priest in 2012 in Cebu. In 2016, he returned to Rome to study at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, where he studied composition under the guidance of master Marialuisa Balza. He is currently completing his Licentiate in Composition at PIMS. Best wishes to him for his beautiful musical work, enthusiastically applauded by an audience that included the rector of our college, Fr Javier, and some seminarians from the Sedes choir.


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