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Victories and defeats

An intense weekend of sport for our College. On Saturday morning we played a close and exciting volleyball match against Mater Ecclesiae, while at the same time we played football against San Paolo College: this second match was more one-sided, we have to admit that San Paolo outplayed us, perhaps because the Sedes players were saving their strength for the following day.

On Sunday, in fact, two difficult matches awaited us in Cavabianca: one in basketball and the other in football. We won the first and lost the second by the narrowest of margins. In the end, despite the fact that we didn't have a great number of victories (perhaps because the top priority at this time of year is studying), we also grew with the defeats and, above all, we got on well. In all the matches there was maximum sportsmanship and they served to strengthen the bonds of friendship and fraternity.


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