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Unity, service, vocations

It is always a source of joy when our bishops arrive at the college, as they guarantee us new knowledge and words of encouragement. In this sense, we began the month of February with two blessings: on the 2nd we received His Excellency Hugo Barbaro, Bishop of the Diocese of San Roque, Argentina. In a friendly conversation he encouraged us about three things that we should put into practice as seminarians and then as priests in our dioceses: to be instruments of unity, to rejuvenate the spirit of service and to pray a lot for vocations. On the 15th of the same month we received His Grace Paul Ruzoka, Archbishop of Tabora, Tanzania.

We assure him of our prayers so that preparations for hosting the National Eucharistic Congress in his diocese, to be held in the coming months, will continue to be well under way.


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