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A meeting with Mons. Mariano Fazio

On the 6th of November in our college we were graced with the visit of Mons. Mariano Fazio, Auxiliary Vicar of Opus Dei. During his visit, we had an opportunity to listen to his personal experience with Pope Francis. He being Argentinian, knew Pope Francis when he was a cardinal in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he has written about him in a book entitled "With Pope Francis. The keys to his thought ”.

It was very nice to hear from him, with the precision and warmth of personal experience of the simplicity and approachability of the Pope. He continues calling friends over the phone and among which is Mons. Mario Fazio. Despite his busy schedule, he has a high priority to meet the priests who want to have a talk with him, a thing which Mons. Mario said that he has been doing even when he was still a cardinal of Buenos Aires where he had a special telephone line only for priests in order to reach him at any time. What a Paternal Pope!

We thank God for his visit and sharing with us such experience and for encouraging us to continue praying for the Pope and the Prelature of Opus Dei and his pastoral duties.


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