This is our year!

Clericus cup is an annual football league organized for seminarians and priests studying in Rome. This year’s edition started on 24th February, 2018 and we had our first match against Collegio San Pietro on Sunday being 25th February.

     The first goal of the match came from our college few minutes into the game by Deogratias from Tanzania, after a very intelligent work which left the opponent in peaceful confusion. As if that wasn’t enough, the same person dribbled into the 18-yard bus that resulted to a penalty kick converted into a goal by Matej from Croatia. And shortly before the end of the first half, Bebe from Ghana made it three goals. With that, the first half came to an end.

     The second half of the match kicked off at exactly 15:20. Deogratias whose love for the game couldn’t but motivated him into scoring his second goal for the match at 15:25, just five minutes to the beginning of the second half. The 5th goal of the match for our college came at 15:28 by Tito, from Mexico. At 15:32, the opponent team responded with a goal that came through a penalty kick.

      It was quite an interesting match as we look forward to our next game.

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