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The Visit of Some Bishops

Within the months of December, January and February, our faces were filled with smiles with the visit of some bishops whose seminarians live and receive formation in our college. In each of their visits, they gave us some words of encouragement coloured with some pieces of advice. The latest Bishops that visited us include: bishop Peter Paul Yelezuome Angkyier, ordinary of Damongo (Ghana); bishop Hugo Nicolás Barbaro, of San Roque de Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña (Argentina); archbishop Mario Alberto Molina Palma, from Los Altos, Quetzaltenando-Totonicapán (Guatemala); bishop Joseph L. Mlola, from Kigoma, Tanzania; archbishop Andrews Thazhath, from Trichur (India).

During their individual visits, we had lunch together. And most importantly, they all finished their visits by blessing us before departing from our college. And there always came few words before the blessings. The common factor that cuts across their words bothers on the gift of faith and the need for holy priests in the church while enjoining us to make utmost use of the quality time available to us now in configuring ourselves into the image of Christ.


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