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The Venerable English College

On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 30, some seminarians of our College together with several of our colleagues of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, led by Professor Luis Martínez Ferrer, ordinary of Church History, we visited a fascinating corner of Rome. Without abandoning the Eternal City it is as if we had left the Continent and we were immersed in the deep heart of England and Wales. We were indeed guests of Venerable English College. He was welcomed by the in charge of the Archive of the College, we have been able to retrace all the history of this distinguished institution that still today continues to form young men for the priesthood and counts among its former pupils 44 among saints and blessed which gave them exercising their ministry as priests. In addition to this great treasure made up of so many martyrs, we have also been able to visit the rich and vast archive of the College that conserves volumes of invaluable wealth, witnesses of 650 years of history. We thank the professor for giving us the opportunity to get to know the English College.


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