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The Thirst for Peace

The series of war going on currently in different angles of the world has become a serious cause of worry to all, especially to all people of goodwill. The most recent in this array of wars is the war in the Holy land which has brought about brutal deaths of innocent people especially civilians. In addition to the concerted efforts put in for the possibility of the cessation of the insensible war, the Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Latins, Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa in the name of all the ordinaries asked for a choral prayer, with the intention of submitting to God the Father the thirst for peace, justice and reconciliation. The Italian Episcopal Conference welcoming this plea declared 17 October as a day of prayer and fasting in communion with the faithful of the Holy Land.

Also, Pope Francis, who has always been a strong and insistent voice in the call for peace and the cessation of the insensible wars, at the end of the usual general audience on the 15th of October, invited believers of every religion to a day of fasting and penitence on the 27th of October. Our college in union with other faithful, honoured these invitations to prayer, fasting and penitence respectively on 17 and 27 October. Furthermore, on the second of these dates, a prayer vigil presided over by the Holy Father took place in St. Peter's Basilica, an event in which eight seminarians of the Sedes Sapientiae performed the liturgical service.

We continue to pray for peace, justice and the cessation of all the wars in the world.


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