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The Roots and Memory

Pope Francis has repeatedly stressed that the elderly are "trees that continue to bear fruit", "an essential part of the Christian community and society" because they represent "the roots and memory of a people". This is also the case of elderly priests who having spent their whole life in the service of the Lord, and are firm points of reference from which we can take example. That is why, during the Christmas holidays, we seminarians of the first year, who remained in the College during the festive season, visited the elderly priests who are residents of the San Gaetano Rest Home. When we arrived at the rest home, which is the diocesan home of the clergy of Rome, we sang some Christmas songs together with the priests who are resident there. Then we shared a snack and talked with them. It was a very beautiful occasion for us because from the stories they told about their lives we were able to learn many lessons and to meet men who have given their whole lives to the Lord in the priesthood. They are an example and an incentive for us to continue on the path of formation with so much good will and faith in the Lord.


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