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The Last Feast 2019

We are in mid-June: the last days in the College. The exams are towards the end; many have begun to prepare to return to their respective countries and dioceses. All that remains is to bid farewell to each other; what a better way and auspicious time to prepare a farewell party?

And so, on Friday, June 14, here is the whole community of the College gathered on our large terrace where we were enjoying the good barbecue prepared by Fr. Joseph and his team, takes leave of those of us who, having obtained the bachelor's degree, have finished their formation and stay in our College.

To make the occasion more colourful various performances took the stage such as dances and songs were sung prepared by several of us. The eagerly awaited greeting of Fr. Edward could not miss during this farewell, who surprised us this year by organizing a Kahoot! with questions relating to the life and inhabitants of the College.

Finally, Fr. Javier, the rector, surprised those who were leaving as he presented to them a mass kit with everything necessary to celebrate Mass from the Spanish benefactors, what an annual present!

We bid farewell to our friends who are leaving, entrusting them to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom. And to those who remain ... see you in September because the adventure continues!


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