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The First Batch of the Annual Retreat

We began our annual retreat at Casalmentano from 26th September and it lasted till 1st October taking a period of one week. The retreat was guided by Fr. Francesco Saccomani, priest of the diocese of Como, who diligently and painstakingly led us spiritually into the life of prayer, chastity, and charity gearing towards sainthood. He also laid emphasis on the sacraments dwelling mainly on penance and the Holy Eucharist. In the vein, our formators helped us with some spiritual conferences bothering on obedience, poverty, chastity, diligence, culminating in good disposition towards pastoral work and fraternal love. It was an enriching spiritual encounter which ended with the Holy Mass on Sunday morning. We immensely thank God for making Fr. Saccomani an instrument to touch our lives, bringing us closer to Him.


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