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The Change of our Rector

«No one takes the honour upon himself» and a «priest is not of his own» were the famous words of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. A priest is a minister of God always at the service of others and obediently available to the voice of God through his superiors. With gratitude to God coated with mixed feelings, we bring to your notice the change of our dear Fr Rector, Don Julio Diéguez. We express the news with mixed feelings because he will be greatly missed by the entire family of Collegio Ecclesiatico Internazionale Sedes Sapientiae.

Don Julio Diéguez has been the Rector of the college for more than five years. During his tenure as the Rector, he exemplified his love for the seminarians, always available, advising and guiding them with his words laden with conviction and above all, love. His outstanding personality notwithstanding, he cannot stay with us forever. If its within our power, we would hold him here forever but the will of God pervades. Therefore, we bid farewell to our ebullient and noble Rector wishing him all the best with the promise of our earnest prayers as he heads to assume his new post in the Prelature of Opus Dei international seminary.

Standing on the existing announcement, we joyfully welcome Don Javier Canosa as the new Rector of Collegio Ecclesiastico Internazionale Sedes Sapientiae. Rev Prof Javier Canosa hails from Spain and was ordained on 10th June, 1990 by Pope John Paul II in Rome. He holds a degree in Jurisprudence, doctor of research in Jurisprudence and a doctorate in Canon Law. He punctuated his academic height with so many published works. He has served as a spiritual director in our college, and was just relieved as the Rector of Alto Monte, a college in Rome for priests before becoming the Rector of our college. We say a big welcome to him.


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