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Thanks for all!

Fr. Paul, at the first years of the College

"The renewal of faith and the future of vocations is only possible if we have well-formed priests". - Pope Francis (Discourse, 7-X-2017).

We know that the protagonists of priestly formation are the Holy Spirit and the candidate. But in this stage of process the formators and spiritual directors also have a fundamental role. That is why we would like to thank God for the gift of the years that Fr. Paul O'Callaghan, Fr. Randifer Boquiren, don Eusebio González and don Fernando Crovetto shared with us at "Sedes Sapientiae”.

Fr. Paul O'Callaghan since 1991, held various positions in our house. Among them, Vice Rector (1991-1995) and Spiritual Director of the College (2009-2020). We will always be thankful to him for the pieces of spiritual advice, classes, meditations, corrections and jokes during these 29 years which have helped a lot of seminarians in their path to holiness with a touch of simplicity and humanity. He did everything in the Irish way but above all he did it in our Lord’s way. Our prayers will always accompany him in his new assignment in Prelature of Opus Dei.

Fr. Randifer Boquiren has been the College’s guide for the liturgy since 2008, being also a formator. Thank you Fr. Randi for your closeness and the dynamism which you have transmitted to us and for your insights in showing us how valuable it is the celebration of our faith. We hope that in your return to the Philippines a lot of the faithful may also benefit from your apostolate.

Don Eusebio González from 2015, was one of the confessors at the College. Thanks to don Eusebio, we appreciate very much the fraternal guidance and all the help which he gave us most especially in dispelling our doubts about Latin, Greek and Hebrew. It will always be a pleasure to meet you at the Tiberino priestly college, as well as at the University.

Last but not least, we thank don Fernando Crovetto who since 2018 has been the Director of Studies and formator of the College. Thank you for the spontaneity and simplicity which you transmitted to us the joy of having met Christ. We hope that, in addition to the library where we usually find him, we can also meet him in the soccer fields.


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