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Summer fruits

In August and September we had the joy of celebrating five diaconal ordinations and one priestly ordination of some Sedes Sapientiae alumni. The first, in August, was Jinson Earnest, who received the diaconate in the diocese of Quilon, the oldest in India. Also very old and important is the archdiocese of Puebla de los Ángeles, Mexico, where our brothers Juan Maldonado and Francisco Sampieri were ordained deacons on 22 August. To end August in beauty, Brandon de León, from the archdiocese of Los Altos, Guatemala, was ordained deacon on 31 August. And moving from America to Africa, on 4 September we celebrated the priestly ordination of Rev Domingos Jorge, from the archdiocese of Luanda (Angola). And finally, returning again to the American continent, on 10 September Cresencio Hernández, from the diocese of Tabasco (Mexico), was ordained a deacon. Best wishes to all, as we pray for your fidelity to Christ and the Church and ask the Lord to bless your ministry with many fruits.


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