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Study group with Prof. Sanguineti

As to everyone who knows the Sedes Sapientiae College already, we have a fairly comprehensive training. In addition to lectures at the University, we have regular meetings on spiritual direction and training, lectures at the College on the sacraments and moral life, music lessons and, finally, the weekly work, which cannot be forgotten!

However, this intense formation program does not take away the freedom of those seminarians who want to deepen their knowledge of a subject on which they have a personal interest. This is the case of a group of seminarians who have done philosophy at the PUSC, and who asked the expert Rev. Professor Juan José Sanguineti, Full Professor of Philosophy of Knowledge, for some in-depth meetings after the lectures at the University, promptly encouraged by the Professor.

In these meetings, topics of great importance are treated in depth, such as transhumanism, the causes of old age, the new biological possibilities of medical treatment and its possible effects on human life span. All this always "from above", that is, from a philosophical perspective, which allows the inclusion of fundamental questions, such as the meaning and veracity of these proposals, and also on the moral requirements of many of its procedures.


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