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Seminary Formators' Course

A week of an intense course for the formators of the future priests of the Church, from February 5 to February 9, 2018. The course, organized by the Center for Priestly Formation of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross was centered on the theme "Teaching and Learning to Love. Human affectivity and Christian chastity ", which Pope Francis continues to highlight, and was also underlined by the new ratio on priestly formation. The course was structured in such a way that the speakers' interventions were centered on the virtues and behaviors that can help future priests to livea chaste life in a joyful way.

Some of our formators at Sedes, in order to better help us with our priestly formation, were part of the so-called course. Fr. Paul was the coordinator, who also made an intervention on the theme "Christian charity and self-giving". And there was the Rector, Don Javier was one of the speakers of the course, he spoke on the theme "free to love a God who loves". Don Miguel, one of our spiritual directors, presided over 3 sessions of the course. Don José was also there to follow the course.

The course was held in Italian, but as there were several formators from all over the world, there were simultaneous translation to Spanish and English. This diversity of participants enriched the afternoon sessions in order to deal with the various problems of the context where the seminaries are located. It was an opportunity to change and share ideas that some formators did not know.

In the course of the classes, some of the participants had the opportunity to visit and learn a little about our seminary, and stay for lunch at the Sedes.


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