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Safeguarding: Mission and Commitment of the Church

The Church has always acknowledged the importance of the value of life and of the dignity of every human person. Therefore, it is always important to ensure the safety and well being of all persons, especially the most vulnerable among us. It is with this intention that the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross hosted a session regarding abuse, titled “Safeguarding: Mission and Commitment of the Church”. It was in response to the need in the Church for this kind of formation as both Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have clearly stated.

All of the seminarians of Sedes Sapientiae were able to partake in these informative sessions, which were held in three languages – Italian, Spanish, and English. These sessions were led by professionals of the Anthropology Institute of the Pontifical Gregorian University, namely Dr. Angela Rinaldi, Dr. Alessandra Campo, and Fr. Daniel Portillo. The participants received useful and practical information on how to protect the vulnerable from any case of abuse. The sessions were very interactive and full of discussion to engage the audience and to promote questions.

Abuse is a big problem in society. All of us are called to safeguard the dignity of every person, and to ensure that the enviroment is safe for all, especially in the Church.


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