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Rev. David Chenet celebrates with us...

On the 12th of November being Sunday, we had an exceptional preacher for our Sunday Mass. Fr. David Chenet, a deacon of the diocese of Vannes in Brittany (France), who some years ago ended his formation in our college and now resides at the Pontifical French Seminary while completing his licence in Moral Theology, returned to the college to unite and celebrate with us.

During the homily, he gave us a very beautiful and profound reflection on the Word of God that the liturgy offered to the Church on that Sunday. In his words, he invited us to be vigilant in the waiting of the Lord with a good combination of the oil of the virgins and the theological virtues. He therefore provided us with some valuable pieces of advice on how to live them, being sure that "who gets up early to look for it will never get tired" (Sap 6: 14).

For us seminarians, it is always a joy to meet with these elder brothers of ours, the alumni of our college, who now continue their formation as their testimonies and pieces of advice inspire us to follow faithfully our calling and to always give thanks to God for the gift of our vocation.


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