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Retreat: A Time of Rejuvenation

Immediately following Easter Sunday, some of the seminarians took part in the annual retreat. This year, the retreat was held at Belvedere's house in Rome. The week of silence during the Octave of Easter is an excellent time to rekindle our spiritual lives and rejuvenate ourselves.

We are especially grateful to don Manuel Belda, who led the meditations each day and served as a confessor throughout the retreat. Some of the themes of the retreat included the importance of prayer in the priestly life and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary through the Rosary. Throughout the week, he explained the profundity of the Our Father and its richness when prayed meditatively. Alongside the meditations, the retreat fostered intense prayer through the Holy Mass, Liturgy of Hours, Benediction, and guided conversations.

Overall, the seminarians returned at the end of the week with big smiles.


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