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Remembering is living 2.0

Since 2011, the Pastoral Unit "St. John the Baptist" of Cavriago has been welcoming seminarians from our College during the summer months, Christmas and Easter holidays, to lend a hand in pastoral activities. Since Pietro, Tam and Malusi first entered the church of San Terenziano, precious pages have been written and continue to be written featuring seminarians from all over the world who have been welcomed by the parishioners of Cavriago.

After a first publication that tried to keep alive the memory of the friendship forged between the two communities, at the end of 2021 they decided to publish a '2.0' version with the same goal: to make memory, to thank God for all his benefits and to follow the traces of those who, after finishing their studies, returned home with good memories of Cavriago in their hearts. At least 20 of them are now priests.

In 83 pages, more than 40 names and testimonies are collected and organized, interspersed with photo collages and short articles on the most outstanding events that occurred between 2019 and 2021. In this edition, the diaconate and priestly ordination of Fr. Carlos Galdámez and the 40th anniversary celebrations of priestly ordination of Fr. Claudio Gonzaga, parish priest of Cavriago, stand out.

We want to thank all the community and especially don Claudio for all the attentions they gave to our College. Thank you for reminding us with your life the words of Benedict XVI with which the publication closes: "God is the only richness that, in definitive, men wish to find in a priest".


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