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Pope Francis meets with student priests and seminarians

On 16th March, 2018; the Pope met with all the priests and seminarians studying in Rome. History has it that a noble event of a similar nature took place four years ago. So, we are happy that history is repeating itself as the Holy Father decided again to meet with us with the aim of encouraging and admonishing us as we journey towards the universal call to holiness in a special way through our vocation. Hence, the big hall was almost filled to the brim by seminarians and priests eagerly to hear the edifying words of His Holiness.

As scheduled, the ceremony took place in the Vatican City precisely in the grand hall of Paul VI. As at 9am, entrance into the hall began and some even arrived as early as 8:30am considering the great privilege laden with joy and expectation. Officially, the event began at 10:45am with some musical presentations from few ecclesiastical colleges present.

Some minutes to 12pm, the Holy Father humbly entered and took his place with us. Before the Pope gave us his words, the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Beniamino Stella gave an introductory remark after which the microphone was handed over to some seminarians and priests who represented the thought of us all with some questions directed to the Holy Father. Consequently, the Holy Father responded to the questions while widening the scope for a better and profound comprehension on our own part.

It was a wonderful experience for us all and we thank God for his abundant grace upon the Holy Father. Long live the Pope!


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