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Pilgrimage to Viterbo

As every year, the Faculty of Theology of the University of the Holy Cross organised a pilgrimage in honour of St Thomas Aquinas. On this occasion, the place chosen was Viterbo. Numerous students and professors participated.

This event was a wonderful opportunity to immerse oneself in the history and traditions of the 'city of the Popes', as Viterbo is called, papal seat for two decades in the 13th century, which has welcomed and seen several pontiffs ascend to the papal throne.

The pilgrimage proved to be not only an opportunity to enrich historical and artistic knowledge, but also an occasion for prayer. During the Holy Mass presided over by the dean of the faculty, Fr Philip Goyret, both the academic community of our university and especially our benefactors were remembered.   

This experience enriched the souls of the participants, giving them an opportunity to strengthen their faith and feel even more united in the academic community of Holy Cross.


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