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Pilgrimage to Montecassino

Montecassino is undoubtedly a necessary reference point for understanding the history of Europe and the world. After the winter session of exams, the Sedes Sapientiae community went on pilgrimage to the tombs of the twin saints St. Benedict, patron of Europe, and St. Scholastica. Their relics rest in the benedictine abbey of Montecassino, where we participated in Sunday Mass according to monastic tradition and prayed for the people who rely on our prayers, as well as for the success of evangelization initiatives in Europe and around the world.

At the end of the celebration, we were able to learn in detail many facts and curiosities about the construction and history of the site through a tour with Anna Maria, our excellent guide. We were amazed to see how well the abbey, which was annihilated by bombing in February 1943, has been rebuilt.

After eating the delicious sandwiches prepared by the nuns caring for us at the College, we also visited the Polish military cemetery near the abbey. It was an opportunity to pray for world peace and eternal rest for all those who died as a result of World War II.

We conclude this blog post by telling you that the Benedictine monks are still looking for a renowned artist willing to offer his or her work to decorate the reconstructed vaults and domes of his or her church. The monks estimate that it will take an artist at least 30 years to complete the work, painting without a break. If there is anyone among our readers who is available for such a commitment, please do not hesitate to contact the Abbot.


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