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Pastoral during the Easter holidays

Starting from Como until arriving in Lecce, all Italy, during the Easter holidays, saw the presence of the seminarians of our College. As from tradition some have travelled to Negrar (opera don Calabria) but also in Mestre and Castello di Godego that hosts priests and members of the Salesian family at rest. There were also numerous parishes in which we carried out activities, including Cavriago (diocese of Reggio Emilia), Casette di Legnago (diocese of Verona), Besana in Brianza (archdiocese of Milan), Como (diocese of Como), Rossiglione, Mason and Ponti (diocese of Acqui), Caserta (diocese of Caserta), Torre del Greco (archdiocese of Naples), Rivignano (archdiocese of Udine).

In addition to the historical parishes that collaborate with the College for a long time, this year a hand piece of five brave seminarians has driven to the extreme south of Italy in Surbo, in the archdiocese of Lecce. Here, with other seminarians from other Roman colleges, they took part in a popular mission, visiting families, and the sick by playing and forming boys and youngest and caring for the celebrations of Holy Week.

But unbelievable that the seminarians have pushed so farther, in fact, besides the Croatian and British seminarians who have returned to their respective parishes, two of our intrepid companions went to collaborate with the Sacred Heart parish in Swansea (Wales), taking advantage of the opportunity to improve their English.


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