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Pastoral Days

Pastoral formation is an integral part of the seminary life. So, vacation is not a period of leisure and rest alone, but it is the lively time of our pastoral ministry and apostolate outside the seminary. During the Easter vacation, the seminarians went to different parishes in different parts of Italy and one of the noteworthy apostolate was in the parish of Santa Maria Del Popolo, Surbo.

Surbo is a town in the south of Italy, in Puglia, in the archdiocese of Lecce. The parish priest, Don Mattia Murra, a doctoral student of the Holy Cross University is an active pastor and is always eager to welcome our seminarians to his parish during the Holy Week. With the collaboration of the seminarians and priests a wide range of programs and sessions were conducted in the parish so as to integrate the young and old alike to the Triduum Paschale- the most important days of the liturgical year.

Five seminarians from Sedes Sapientiae- Roberto Largaspada, Naveen Joemon, Michael Shokolo, Antony Ouseph and Melvin Pineda were engaged in an array of pastoral activities like classes for the children in elementary and middle school, preparatory sessions for confession. They animated Eucharistic adoration with points for reflection, blessing of the houses and youth animation programmes. They also actively took part in the choir as well as the liturgical ministry. As aspirants to priesthood, they were enriched by their visit to the families and the grand processions, which by and large was attended by the population of Surbo.


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