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Ordination at Acqui

"The abilities and gifts of each are at the service of the good of all. So Nicolò can choose to put his youth, his intelligence and his abilities at the service of the common good by assuming in the Church the responsibility and the ministry that is entrusted to him."

These words, pronounced by His Excellency Mons. Luigi Testore, were addressed on April 10, 2021 in the Cathedral of the Diocese of Acqui to Nicolò Ferrari, formed in our seminary, just before he became a priest forever through the imposition of his hands and the consecratory prayer. We thank the Lord for the ordination of Nicolò and we rejoice for all the good that God will do through his ministry.

We would especially like to thank Fr Nicolò, among other things, for the many articles and news items he wrote on this website during his three years at our seminary. Among those texts many were about ordinations of former students. Today, however, it is his ordination to the priesthood that we are pleased to share with you. Congratulations!


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