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On the Lakeshore

Jesus invited his disciples several times to retreat with him for a while. Thus a group of seminarians of the College, in the first week of October, was welcomed by the Casa Divin Maestro of Ariccia, in the same way Pope Francis goes with the Roman Curia for his spiritual exercises.

Whilst there, in the splendid natural setting offered by Lake Albano, Fr. José Angel Lombo led us through the annual retreat course, who is the professor of general ethics at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

He proposed different meditations to us to reflect on and later his meditations were enriched by his great personal experience that he shared with us. Also in the same days our formators, with some conversations, helped us to meditate on various important themes in the life of a seminarian and then of a priest; in particular we reflected on the themes of poverty, industriousness, chastity, obedience and priestly fraternity. It was truly a week of grace for which we thank the Lord who, through the words of Fr Josè Angel, touched us in the depths of our hearts and brought us closer to the encounter with Him.


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