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New ordinations!

Many families have their own photo album, in which important moments in the history of the family are collected: the marriage of the parents, the baptism of the children, the first communion and many other unforgettable events. In the large family of the Sedes Sapientiae we also have our photo albums, first paper and now digital. And one of the main memories that find space in its pages is the diaconal and priestly Ordination of our former students in many different countries. Below you can see a photo gallery of those that took place in recent months in countries such as Croatia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Philippines, France, Ghana, India, Mexico, the United States, Switzerland, and Tanzania.

After clicking on the link "Photo Gallery", clicking again in the small menu with three lines on the right of the first page (Abilash) you can see all the other collections of photos concerning the Ordinations of Albert, Anuraj, Ceferino, Christian and Christian, Emerson, Etienne, Gerald, Jerome, Josué, Justine, Martín, Matej and Tomislav, Melvin, Michael, Patrick, Tiep and Vitus. Have a good vision!


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