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New Deacons for the Church

The Marian month of October has been full of maternal blessings from the maternal heart of our maternal Love, Sedes Sapientiae. Just a week after the ordination of Rev. Peter (21.10.18), Alex Vincent Maprani of the Syro Malabar Church was also ordained a deacon by Archbishop of Trichur in India, S. E. R. Mar Andrews Thazhath in the Chapel of Sedes Sapientiae.

Nelson Ris, an ex alumni was also ordained a deacon in his home parish of Argentina by his local ordinary on that same day for the Church. Fabricio Jara also of Argentina received that same grace of deaconate ordination on the 4th day of October 2018.

We share in the joys of these our brothers, and pledge them our support especially in prayers. Just as Don Javier Canosa, the Rector quoted from our immediate past Rector, we joyfully and hopefully say ‘this is just the beginning of a journey’!

We wish all our new Deacons a fruitful ministry…


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