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My Summer in Fidenza

My name is Frank John Gilagiza, son of John Nkuzugwa Gilagiza and Moleni Bujiji Bazara, I was born in 7/4/1990 in Maweni Hospital Kigoma, Tanzania. I am the first born, next to me is Mary John Gilagiza, Flora John Gilagiza and our last born Damian John Gilagiza. In 1997 at seven years old I started my primary school,which I complited in 2004. Recognizing God’s vocation already in me, Passing the exam of joining a Diocesan seminary, St. Joseph’s minor seminary, then Kwiro High school after which I joined Sts. Peter’s and Paul Diocesan formation house, after six months I was sent to Queen of Angels Kibosho senior seminary at which I persued three years of philosophy before being sent to St. Paul’s major seminary which is a Theological institute.

In my third year of Theology, as part of formation we have each year two months at which the college sends us to different ecclesiastical realities for having different experiences which will serve us in future priestly life.

This year I went to Fidenza, I departed from the college 24.6.1017 after having organized with my formator and the priest parish, Don Gian Emilio.

I lived in the Diocesan major seminary, where I used to have breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner because many times I had dinner at oratory where lived the Parish priest and her mother Mariolina.

It takes ten minutes with a bicycle, from a minor seminary to a parish, I had always to be in the parish at 8.45 am, at which with youth who did dopo scuola an after school program, when arrived at the oratory they start playing diverse type of sports, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, music then at 9.00am the prayer bell rings, then a priest predicates the day’s Gospel with depicts and images to facilitate easily understanding of the youth, then we sing one of the sung in the church, everyone then goes to his proper room for working, I used to be with youth of media, helped those with homework in English and mathematics and History.

At the end of the lesson there is breakfast, then playing, I used to be with a group of table tennis, there were moments at which in the morning I went in the church for burial Mass, then parish priest sent me to the tomb for last prayer before making the dead body in the Tomb, then I came back at the oratorio up to mid-day.

At 3.30 I used to come back at the oratory, I helped in cleanness of the corridors used for studies, then I used to go in sacristy for preparation of day’s, vespers and the Rosary, in the evening when I used to dinner in the oratory, when we finish Mass, I go reception to talk with boys who are working discussing Ecclesiastical issues. Then before going back to the seminary I controlled rooms, if there was something I reported it to the priest parish.

In talking with youth I tried to influence them coming in the church for Sunday’s Mass, explaining to them moral teaching of the church on Human life, especially when there was a hot debate on the death of a child, Charlie, in England.

There are five parishes which are under the same priest parish, St. Michael, St. Petro, St. Lazaro, Coduro, St. Anna, therefore, Saturday evening we went for the Vespers and Mass in Saint Peter, Sunday morning we would pass to Coduro where a priest parish would go for some announcements, then Bastelli where we celebrated the Holy Mass at 10 am, then we came back to the oratory for the Mass at the parish at 11 am, in the evening we went at St. Peters for the Sunday Mass as well, I served the Mass, helping a priest in communion, and reading the vespers. I also participated in preparations of arrival of the new Bishop of Fidenza, by going to Brescia for his Episcopal ordination. I also participated in preparation of His coming to Saint Anna, which is one of the parish under Don Gian Emilio, I also accompanied him in giving communion to the sick at their houses, some of times he sent me with some masons to repair the church.

I went with the priest parish in anointment of the sick; we participated in supper prepared by the parish for teachers who are helping youths. Then month of August, after closing il dopo scuola, I used to go with the parish priest in different churches where he celebrates Mass.


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