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Memories of August

At the end of July and in the first days of August, the first group of new seminarians arrived at Sedes Sapientiae from countries such as Burundi, the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Tanzania and Brazil. Four seminarians from the Bidasoa College in Pamplona were also with us, who later returned to that Spanish city.

Videre Petrum, seeing the Pope, was the first and most impressive thing for everyone: the opportunity to hear him in situ in St. Peter's Square. Also getting to know the great basilica and praying at the tomb of the Prince of the Apostles was a great reason for thanksgiving.

In addition, the month was dedicated to learning Italian and "learning" Rome. We did the first thing with Giammarco, our fantastic teacher at the Percorsi d'Italiano language school: it was, and will continue to be during the month of September, an intense and demanding course, but we put all our efforts into it, knowing that it is worthwhile to master Dante's language as well as possible. The second thing, "learning" Rome, was achieved with the help of our trainers: we were able to visit all the major and minor basilicas, as well as the forums and the main churches and monuments in the centre of the city. There was also an unforgettable excursion to Subiaco and a short pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Divino Amore.


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