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Memorable victory

After the training that the matches against Mater Ecclesiae and Cavabianca meant for our football team, the moment of truth arrived, when we had to face the powerful Colegio Urbano, four times winner of the Clericus Cup.

The match, in the incomparable setting of the Pio XI pitch, was serious and difficult, although always very correct on the part of both teams and with a serene and balanced performance by the referee. Both teams worked hard in defence and fought for control of the ball in the centre of the pitch. Equality was at its maximum. But with only fifteen minutes left on the clock, a header by Mathias Msonganzila, a young and fast Tanzanian midfielder who is also the captain of our team, was the deciding factor. 1-0 for Sedes! Many congratulations to everyone and especially to Fr. José, who guided his men brilliantly from the bench.


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