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Meetings with Immigrants

Among the various pastoral activities that we carry out during the years of our formation here in the College, one of them consists in the work of apostolate in the Latin American community of Campo Farnia, a neighbourhood in the suburbs of Rome. In this semester four of us, Kevin, Manuel, Christian and Lonnys are taking care of this activity. During these months we come across with many people who are living in Campo Farnia, meeting them personally, sharing a part of their joys and their sufferings, we tried to bring the Gospel message among them, in their real situations and their problems.

It is undoubtedly an experience that enriches us as much as they; indeed, these occasions give us the opportunity to put into practice what we receive in the academic and spiritual formations of the College and the University. On the other hand, it is also a help for them who, with their availability and openness, allow us to enter into their lives to show them the beauty of the Christian faith that can help them live their challenges and problems with a true Christian sense. Therefore, we consider this activity as a grace of the Lord and a window for our future ministry that helps us to cultivate the sense of pastoral care and also allows us to grow in the fraternity among seminarians. Finally, it is also an opportunity to show them that the Christian faith is not only a faith professed with the lips but also lived with the works and that it is very important to feel and live as a Church of Christ that prays, that cares, that transforms life and that helps to always be in communion with God, our Father.


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