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Let’s Talk about Music

What are the good and beautiful things to listen to in the panorama of today’s music? What message does the contemporary music transmit to us? To help ourselves in answering these questions and other similar questions that we have; Don Sergio Tapia-Velasco paid us a visit in the college. Don Sergio, other than being a lecturer in the faculty of Institutional Social Communication at the Pontifical University of `Santa Croce, he is a great music expert. In a gathering held on Wednesday 28th February, he guided us towards the discovery of treasures hidden in contemporary music.

After a brief introduction to situate the topic we reviewed different types of music ranging from jazz, folk, blues, and gospel from where we got to classical rock music to that of symphony. For one of these, we listened to some of the more important authors, while don Sergio evidenced the statistical characteristics of each one, the merits and potentialities including the connections linking them together. He didn’t leave out making references to musical groups that using the languages of the contemporary music, attempt to spread evangelic message.

We thank don Sergio, that through his mastery led us to discover the secrets of contemporary because his indications will help us to listen with great interest and how to utilize it towards a possible instrument for the transmission of the Christian message.


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