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Leadership for serving

In order for a community to progress successfully towards the goals it has set and for it to reach them, it is important that it should be guided by good leaders who are at the service of others, help, motivate and direct everyone towards the goal. Therefore, to better discover some aspects of good leadership, we had a guest in the college Dr. Gian Luca Giovannucci, president of EUCA (European University College Association). Dr Giovannuci was helped by some tutors, as he held a short course which was divided into two parts; in the first it was explained to us what is meant by Leadership and what are its characteristics; in the second part we were grouped into different groups and with a series of interactive workshops in which we started to discover and train some of the skills that make up a good leader. Thereafter, thanks to the course we were able to discover the characteristics that distinguish a good leader, the difference which is there with the figure of the manager, the importance of being a good guider for others and also some suggestions to develop and train our skills.


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