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Karoyusa 2024

The Seminary is happy to have four new lectors (Karoye) of the Syro-Malabar Church. On Sunday, 3 March, four seminarians, Jithin Joseph (Archeparchy of Changanancherry), Melwin T. Jaison (Archeparchy of Thalasserry), Eloi Chiramel Joby (Archeparchy of Thrissur) and Antony Ouseph (Eparchy of Missisauga, Canada) were confirmed the minor order of Karoyusa (lectorate) in the liturgical rite of the Syro Malabar Church. The rite and Santa Qurbana (Holy Mass) were presided over by Mar Stephen Chirappanath, the Apostolic Visitator for the Syro Malabar faithful in Europe. The Archdeacon of the ceremony was Msgr. George Koovakad, the Coordinator of the apostolic journey of the Holy Father, who is an alumnus of Sedes Sapientiae.


Catholic Church is a communion of churches. The diversity of the universal Church is manifested in the different liturgical celebrations. Thus, for the seminarians, who are mostly of the Latin Church, got an opportunity to participate and learn the Eucharistic Celebration and aspects of the liturgy of an oriental Church. Sedes Sapientiae is international also in the sense of the liturgical rite, thanks to presence of eight seminarians who belong to the oriental tradition. The ceremony of Sunday was appealing with the colourful vestments of the oriental rite and the St Thomas Cross in the centre. A speciality was that the liturgy of the Word was celebrated in the Bema (the separated place in the nave with the table of the Word). Pope Benedict XVI in The Spirit of the Liturgy suggested that Bema which traces back to Jewish Synagogues, be brought back to the West for a meaningful liturgical celebration.


The Rite of the minor orders began with the presentation of the candidates to the bishop by the Rector, Don Javier Canosa, after which took place the symbolic cutting of the candidate’s hair which denotes the removal of sins in view of the order. Then they received the Kotheena (Alb) and the Soonara (sash). After the liturgy of the Word, was the imposition of the hands by the bishop over the candidates, because Lectorate is a minor order in Syro Malabar and not a ministry as in the occidental Church. They received the Urara (Priestly Stole) which the lector wears on left hand and then they received the lectionary of the Old Testament. Etymologically, karoyusa means the proclaimer of the Old Testament.


Other than the seminary community, the ceremony was attended by several priests, seminarians, nuns and other faithful, who were friends of the ordinandi. The Santa Qurbana (Holy Mass) of Syro Malabar is celebrated with more chanting and songs. This time, the songs were sung in Malayalam (Indian language) and in Syriac (version of Aramaic), while the readings and the prayers were in Italian.


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