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Joyful days in Tuscany

After the Christmas and New Year festivities, the seminarians of first year were able to make a trip to the region of Tuscany, a region known worldwide for her historical richness. The trip was three days long, and consisted of many important sites in the region. The group, led by Don Juan and Don Eduardo, was excited to take a trip before they resumed with their classes.

At Siena they saw the iconic churches, most especially the cathedral, followed by a visit to the leaning tower of Pisa. For many of the seminarians, it was a beautiful experience to know the reality of something they had heard about and seen only in photos.

Following this, the group visited Lucca, called the “city of a hundred churches”. The city truly lives up to this title, as a church can be found at every corner. This place was especially beautiful, as the festive lights of Christmas continued to light up the streets in January. Finally, the third day was dedicated to a visit to Florence, one of the most influential sources of the Renaissance. Here, they marveled at the domed cathedral in the heart of the city and many of the other historically significant attractions.

During this opportunity to learn Italy more profoundly, the seminarians were able to see churches, timeless art and architecture, and learn about the beauty of this region. But most of all, it was an opportunity to grow in fraternity with each other. After three days of praying, learning, and sightseeing, the seminarians returned to Rome refreshed and ready to finish their first semester in Rome!


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