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In union with the Pope in praying for the sick

The bonds of charity, which unite in a very special way all the children of the Church in times of crisis, have become tangible on two great occasions in recent days.

On the day of St. Joseph, patron of the Church, March 19, the seminarians of the College of Sedes Sapientiae joined in the prayer of the Holy Rosary, convoked by the Italian Episcopal Conference, for the health emergency that the world is experiencing because of the coronavirus. made this initiative his own: "This evening we pray united, entrusting ourselves to the intercession of St. Joseph, Custodian of the Holy Family, Custodian of all our families. The carpenter of Nazareth also knew the precariousness and bitterness, the concern for tomorrow; but he knew how to walk in the darkness of certain moments, always letting himself be guided without reserve by God's will".

At another moment, which will surely go down in history, on March 27, Pope Francis extraordinarily granted the blessing Urbi et Orbe in an impressive rainy and empty St. Peter's Square due to the emergency traffic ban. The seminarians fervently followed this beautiful moment of prayer for all those who in some way suffer the consequences of the pandemic we are facing. In a dense homily, the Holy Father said that the Lord is launching "an appeal to faith. (...) It is time to reset the course of life towards You, Lord, and towards others. (...) Prayer and silent service are our winning weapons".

Animated by such great moments, seminarians continue their formation, in the midst of studies and prayer, which in these days is addressed in a very special way to the sick, their families and our benefactors, who are the great ones responsible for the opportunity we have here.


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