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In the Sacro Speco

Embarking on the first excursion was really a great experience for the new seminarians who have just arrived from different countries. The new seminarians were accompanied in this excursion by three Sedes priests. The excursion began with a journey through the mountain that led to the famous Sanctuary of Holy Mary of Mentorella; a church steadily visited by Pope Saint John Paul II.

The tour at the Sanctuary also extended to the cave very close to the church where St. Benedict stayed and prayed alone for some time. After some moments of relaxation and holy rosary at the Sanctuary, the excursion led forward to the famous monastery of St. Benedict, Subiaco. Located in this monastery is the cave, famously known as the “Sacro Speco”, where St. Benedict stayed alone for three years. This experience of emotion and awe will surely remain in the minds of our new seminarians who have just begun their journey in the eternal city.


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