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In the path of the early christians

One of the advantages of living in Rome is the privilege of being able to experience firsthand the traces of the early Christians. In order to help maximize this worthy rare opportunity, the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross kickstarted an initiative titled “learning Rome”. The aim of this initiative is to offer students, professors, employees, friends, benefactors and people connected to PUSC an opportunity to explore the richness of Rome in the context of the development of Christianity up to the present day. Exploring this cultural and spiritual richness of the Eternal City can contribute to greater and positive development of the participants, not only academically, but also humanly and spiritually.

In realizing this initiative, there has been an active participation of some students of PUSC coming from different countries, among which are some of our seminarians. Concretely, this project consists in the production of series of short videos about the journey through the history of the early Christians who lived in the prestigious setting of the Eternal City. The project consists of three series, each containing nine episodes. Following a narrative thread in chronological order, the three series cover Antiquity (first series), the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Modern Age (second series) and the rest of the Modern and Contemporary Age (third series). So far, 15 episodes have been realized. Filming of the remaining episodes will be completed during 2024. On Thursday, 26 October 2023, the first episode of the first series was presented in preview on the life of St. Paul in Rome, with notable participation of our seminarians.


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