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In the Mentorella

May is the month dedicated to the veneration of Our Lady. That is why, on Sunday 5 May, some of us went on pilgrimage to La Mentorella, one of the oldest Marian shrines in Italy and Europe. It is located at an altitude of 1018 metres on a cliff jutting out on the eastern slope of Mount Guadagnolo (Prenestini Mountains).  It was a place that St John Paul II liked very much, which is why the path leading to the sanctuary bears his name.

On that path, we climbed the mountain praying the rosary. Inside the sanctuary, we prayed together to Our Lady of Graces and Don Eduardo Baura explained to us the importance of that church and the altars. The church exudes a great spiritual serenity. Inside, we saw the wooden statue of Our Lady of Graces, the altar of the Holy Cross, the altar of St Silvester, the frescoes in the nave and the chapel of St Eustace.

In the rock below the chapel of St. Eustace is the cave of St. Benedict with the altar. St Benedict lived in this cave for two years before moving to Subiaco.


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