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Home Sweet Home

As in every community, even in our college, we need to take care of different aspects of our home so that ordinary life can be simpler. For this reason each of us is entrusted with the care of some of these aspects, for whose fulfillment we are committed every Friday afternoon. Specifically, a group of us takes care of the green spaces that embellish the College, another provides to keep the beautiful terrace ordered, the scene of beautiful barbecues and parties, which serves as roof. Even the cleaning of the numerous windows is entrusted to a handful of willing seminarians, not to mention those who take care of the dyeing service. Being an ecclesiastical college, an important part of our activities revolves around our church, for the celebration of the liturgy and the various moments of prayer and reflection. So a good number of us perform their weekly services there, dedicating themselves in cleaning the sacristy, preparation of the texts that will be used in prayer, and others, being members of the choir, practice singing. And yet a small group is dedicated in taking care of the machinery part of the College, another the archaeological sites that we keep in the College, some of us take care it. Certainly the works we have listed are necessary in every house but these also help for us in a way of, assigning us a task to grow in responsibility and allowing us to work together, to grow in love.


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